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The great world headquarters of My Auction Addiction is moving around the week of May 22nd. As we work out of our home that means we are moving to a new house. After more then a decade and years of hard work we are ready to relocate to the Sandia Heights. With 2 kids and 2 work from home businesses we need more room. Our old home in Old Town has sold already. Thanks Ed Mgee! Our new location is in the far Sandia Heights behind the hills behind Sandia Casino. It takes 15 minutes or less from I25 and Tramway. Once we are settled in we will have a little open house party. We will let you know when we figure that out.

What does this have to do with you? First pick ups, or any drop offs will occur at the new location as of June 1st. Its not quite as centrally located as Old Town was, but it is a short, beautiful drive. And no more of those rediculous west bound I40 traffic jams to get stuck in that continue to grow as the ART fiasco does.

Second as of June 1st we will be lowering sales tax to 6.25% from 7.31%. Yay!

Third we need all pick ups removed by Saturday 5/13/17 so we don't have to move them to the new house.( we will be building an identical storage at the new house)

Fourth there will be no pick ups available for any auctions 5/15/17-5/20/17. Stay tuned for updates.