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Live Broadcast Auction how it works.

My Auction Addiction is truly “Live” “Online” “Auctions”, and when I say live, let me elaborate.

1. Bidders follow the auction calendar and email notifications and join together online at the time the auctioneer scheduled.
2. Bidders login and go to the Live Auctions tab where they have the following tools.

2a. View the current auction and details and images.
2b. Get the lot information and details on the auction.
2c. Chat with the auctioneer on the same page.
2d. See the Live Video of the auctioneer and hear the auctioneer count the auction to a close.
2e. See a bidders history screen Live that shows them if they are the high bidder or not.
2f. Have 2 bidding buttons to place a bid. One bid option is to place a proxy (higher) bid so the software will incrementally bid up for you against agressive bidders, or the second bid option is a “next lowest increment” bid button. This allows the bidder to snap bid as fast as 3 times per second if other bidders participate.
2g. On the right side is a Upcoming Auction Lot area to show the bidders how many auctions are left in this specific lot and what is coming up next.

3. This same platform allows total and complete Live Online Auction interaction between the auctioneer and all bidders.
4. The bidders can still do pre-bidding on auction lots sometimes for days before the Live Auction or even place proxy bids to safeguard their high bid position.
5. There are all the eBay functions including direct pay after the auction or email notifications or watch this item etc. etc.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that Live Online Auction has only really started and will work better than eBay for one big reason, it is local and it is small and can easily generate a six figure income for any auctioneer by just selling Estate Sale furniture or Yard Sales. The secret is to be local and dominate your market by being active in your community. eBay would not stand a chance and local auctioneers will dominate and bidders or buyers will BUY LOCAL and at very low prices and boost LOCAL economies throughout the USA.

This is a quote from the online auction blog

The Live Broadcast Auction team from My Auction Addiction.

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