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My Auction Addiction


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How It Works

Live Auctions Streamed From Location!

Step 1: We travel to the Auction location to document and photograph sale items to create a catalog for the owner.

Step 2: An online catalog is created listing all items available for sale, including photos that can be previewed before the auction.

Step 3: At the scheduled auction date and time, click on Live Auction and your bidders screen with live video will open. The auctioneer will review the rules of the auction, then the auction will begin, with the video camera moving from item to item in order of the catalog. Occasionally the Auctioneer may choose to pause the auction and shoot close ups or additional video footage to better understand the item, its condition, deal with larger items, ect. A video summary of all items to get a feel for the order of items and to take a closer look at special items may also be shown first for some sales. Typically the higher end items will be reserved until the end. **

Step 4: At the Auctions close successful bidders will be emailed a summary of purchases to make payment from. We except Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

Step 5: A receipt will be emailed after payment is made, and you will also receive directions on when and where to pick your merchandise up. Generally you will have 48hrs, so be prepared. ***

** You must be a member in good standing to bid! Be sure to sign up in advance so you are ready when the auction begins.

*** Generally we do not deliver or ship, please make your own arrangements or contact us for special consideration if you need help with a large dollar purchase.